January 30, 2009

Back home.

I'm home!
And sad to be back.  
I didn't say good-bye to my girls formally as it would have been too hard.  They are in very good hands and will be treated well.  It was very surreal to come home to an empty house and not have Miikka kick me in the head while sleeping on the bed.  I will miss them so much.
A pic of the field we ran in yesterday morning...4 marks run either as singles or as a combination.  Long mark was a flier pigeon which the girls really enjoyed.
Lost and Mini are the motley crew in the foreground.

We noticed the gate left open at the neighbours and the donkeys (I prefer to call them asses) escaped.  We had to use some teamwork to get them back in, but you can see them off in the field after their brief freedom.

A pic of another piece of water at Vinwood Kennels in Anderson, TX where Kenny winters.

A pic of Brad Clow running FC AFC Catalina's Pardon Me.  What a cool dog.

I made Brad take off Pard's collar so I could take a pic of him.  He is gorgeous!!

I'll post updates of Miikka and Darbi as they come in.  I'm sure Kenny will be hearing from me lots...poor guy.

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