June 27, 2012

Internet Withdrawal

We're up in Canada and I'm going through a little bit of internet withdrawal.  I don't turn on the data on my phone, or access it though my wireless card, as roaming charges are insanely expensive.

A quick note to say we're having a great time and the dogs are running well.

Miss Libby qualified for the Canadian National by placing third in the Open the second day in Saskatoon!  She ran a great trial and we're very proud of her.  It was her 2 year and 6 month birthday when she qualified.

And Darbi ran 8 series this week-end, getting to the last series in both Opens.  She finished with a RCM the first day and I picked up her the second day.  I, again, don't think she saw the long bird on the second day in the last series, but we're watching her close.  She still wants to train and trial, so we're giving it some time to figure it out.

We'll get her eyes checked when we get home to see where we're at too.

The weather is miserable today, so no training until it lets up a bit...but it looks like sunny skies from here on out!

I won't update again until we get home.

June 18, 2012

Momma D keeps rolling...

Darbi has had a great year so far...as a mother.

"Meg" (Elmingo's Prime Suspect - Prime x Darbi 2008) and I WON one of the Opens at the trial in Lethbridge, Canada this week-end.

That is 3 Open wins by 3 different dogs, and two different sires, for Momma D.  And those are the only three Darbi get competing in AA competition right now.  Pretty good.

It was a thrill to not only win the Open, but to do it with a dog I bred.

And Miikka was not to be outdone...her son Eider (Elmingo's Pacific Eider - Shaq x Miikka 2007) WON the Qualifying at the same trial.  Way to go Eider!!

Darbi did not have a good week-end.  She was sick with diarrhea all week-end and went out in the first series both days.  We also had a hard time getting her to pick out the long mark in each test (I ran her one day and Kenny ran her the other, both were VERY long marks).  I know her eyesight was going a little, but now it's worrisome.  The CERF vet told me a year or so ago that it was normal "aging" changes we were seeing.  I think her eyes and her body will give out long before her heart does.  It's too soon to tell quite yet, but she's starting to tell me that it's time to think about her retirement.  We'll keep watching for the signs and she'll tell us when she's ready.

Libby had a good week-end for a little baby dog.  She didn't make it to the long retired on the first day, but worked real hard and pulled off the marks to run the blind and ran a really pretty blind!  That's big stuff for a little dog.  In the second Open, she made it to the water blind and unfortunately was the first of our dogs to run it.  We made drastic changes to how we ran the water blind after we (Kenny ran her) picked her up.  Very proud of my little Wibbs...she just keeps growing up more every day.

And Miikka was the highlight of my week-end.  She ran as "bye" dog in one of the Opens and she thought she'd died and gone to heaven.  I won't make it a habit with her (and I only let her get the "go" bird so as not to strain her legs too much), but it was so fun to stand on line beside my little peanut.

June 13, 2012

Flames Fan

I had an old t-shirt on Libby for the first days days after her injury.  It kept her from chewing out her stitches, which she seemed determined to do.

Then I remembered this...

I had this doggy Calgary Flames jersey in storage.  I bought it for Darbi to wear at some point...as a joke.

It fits Libby perfectly and covers up her wound.  Better yet, it's made for dogs vs a human t-shirt.

Libby looks like a rock star and I can no longer worry about the t-shirt coming off!


June 10, 2012

Atta boy Turq!

Darbi's son Turq (Backwater Smokin Turq - Prime x Darbi 2008) WON the Open yesterday at the Cheyenne trial.

This qualified him for the US National as he already had a second place from a couple weeks ago.

Turq is only 3 years old, and was a Canadian National Finalist last year at 2 years old.

Way to go Turq!!

And Boomer got a third place behind Turq, and needs only one more point to qualify for the National himself.  He'll get it...no sweat.

A great day.

Darbi didn't get off the point on the big water blind in the Open...I'm not so mad at her anymore.  She has two kids with US Open wins this year by two different sires.  Good going Momma D.

June 5, 2012

If it wasn't for bad luck...

then Libby would have no luck at all.

Let's see...how does it go again with her?
-broken jaw at 8 weeks old
-broken leg at 9 weeks old
-almost had her tongue amputated at 12 weeks old
-found and ate rat poison at 5 months old
-failed her eye CERF at 14 months old
-mastitis after her FIRST heat cycle and emergency spay at 16 months old

and now this...

Poor thing caught her side on the side of a door.

I swear I like this dog...alot...and I'm not trying to have her killed.