October 30, 2010

Done for the year

The 2010 trial season is a wrap for the "girls".

We ran another trial in Missouri this week-end and it's all over but the crying for me.  (Not real, actual crying of course).

The first series of the open was very difficult as the long retired gun was directly over top of, and 200 yards deep of, the short retired.  Dogs had to really be looking to see both birds thrown with the tempting flyer station off to the side.

Miikka pinned the flyer and the short retired.  She ran the perfect line to the long retired and I thought we had it in the bag.  About 15 yards from the bird, she popped.  She couldn't take it anymore I guess.  She is training and running like a new dog, but the skeletons are still in her closet.  There are many times she is the best dog on the truck on a certain test in training and other days I wonder if she'll ever come around fully.

Darbi did a very nice job on the first series.  She pinned the long retired, which made me very proud.  Then the second series was a land blind with several tight keyholes (places the dog had to run through) and a poison bird only 10-15 feet off line.  Only 12 dogs of the 36 that ran did the blind in any reasonable fashion and most dogs picked up the poison bird.  Unfortunately Darbi was one of those who "pinned" the poison bird.  I think it's the first poison bird she's ever picked up in her life, and it goes to show how difficult the test was as she usually avoids poison birds with a passion.

I'm pretty thrilled with Darbi's 2010 season overall.  She won Opens in both the US and Canada and made it 7 series in our first National.  Now it's time for her to be a momma one last time.  I'm very excited to be keeping a puppy from this upcoming breeding.  Darbi will be bred to NFC AFC Maxx's Surprise via artificial insemination and my waiting list is already full for this exciting litter.

Miikka's season was a wash to me.  Full of heartbreak and moments of frustration.  She is coming back into her own and getting better each and every day though.  I've had thoughts of retiring her as she will eternally suffer from many years of bad training when I never knew any better, but we'll keep plugging along for now.

Libby shows her mother's pin point marking ability and looks to be a very, very exciting dog.  She is stylish, smart and a team player.  I can't wait until she breaks out in the Derby next year.  She is currently doing pattern blinds with gusto and she will finish her Basics with the swim-by once we get down to the warmer waters of Texas.

I'll probably be slow to blog until Darbi comes in season, which is hopefully soon.

October 22, 2010


I'm at a field trial in Missouri.

Miikka was early to run today.

Test is a quad with an out of order flyer.

Miikka broke on the flyer.

It was close, but not what I'd consider a breaking bird.

She's 6 1/2 years old and has never broke in her life. Ever.

I laughed. She was into it.

If she breaks again next week-end, I'll bet I won't think it's so funny anymore.

October 17, 2010


A friend of mine sent me this picture of "Yankee".

He was running the Open at a field trial in Mississippi this week-end.

Yankee is from my very first litter (Tiger x Darbi, 2006) and he's officially known as Elmingo Flight Director XXXVI.

What a handsome guy.

Two more trials left for me this year, and then the long, hard grind that is the 2010 trial season is over.

October 11, 2010

Trial? What Trial?

"Girls" went to a field trial in Kansas this week-end without me.  I know neither of them finished the Open, but they both tried.  I don't know all the details, but I'm sure I'll hear all about it when I get back.

Me?  I've been in San Francisco.  Hanging out.  Watched the 49'ers play the Eagles at Candlestick Park, toured Fisherman's Wharf, saw the Blue Angels in action and roamed the University of San Francisco where my brother is a professor.

I do admit, I miss my pooches and can't wait to see them.

But I had a great time!

October 4, 2010


While at the Canadian National a couple weeks ago, I got the opportunity to RE meet "Eider".

He is Elmingo's Pacific Eider MH, and is from the Shaq x Miikka litter of 2007.

He is a very handsome boy.  

I'm not sure if dogs recognize their "kids", but Miikka was happy to pose for a picture with him.

October 2, 2010

Great day for Peanut

Bizarro world continued on today.

The land blind was 475 yards!!  I was a little freaked out because Miikka has always had stopping issues.  No way, no how, does she do this blind I thought.

She did it!  AND...stopped.on.every.whistle.

She was called back to the water blind along with 17 other dogs of the original 50+ that started the trial.  It was a very hard, very long blind in a stiff cross-wind.  A number of dogs picked up.  Miikka was doing great until the last piece of land and she decided she was going to play it safe by staying in the water and not get out on the point.  She sliced past the point, and I knew it wouldn't be good enough to play.  Only 7 dogs ended up doing the blind and being called to the last series.

But I was SOOO happy to see her running like the dog she was last year and she was all smiles too.

Bizarro World

So...I'm at a field trial in Lincoln, Nebraska this week-end.  It was a pretty difficult first series the judges set up yesterday.

Darbi had to handle and was dropped, and Miikka PINNED all three birds.  It was a wow moment.

Ever since Miikka lost her brain after having puppies, it was always the expectation that Darbi would be back and Miikka would do something weird and be dropped.

I'm going to start walking backwards and put my clothes on inside out, in case this is a reverse universe.

Well...my little Peanut is on to the second series today for the first time in a long time.  Finally.

I knew she was coming around.  Here's hoping the wheels don't come off quite yet.