February 25, 2009


Meet "Chug", Elmingo's Chuggin At Full Speed, from the Prime x Darbi litter.

He is owned by good friends of my brother and lives in Missoula, Montana.  I am jealous, as I want to live in Missoula.

The name suits him as evidenced in this photo.

February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Peanut!!!

And you guys thought I was out of dogs-wearing-party-hats photos.

Here is a pic of Miikka taken when she was 8 weeks old.  Her and Darbi have always had a special friendship.

This is one of my favorite puppy pics of Miikks.

The Miikka I know and love.  A clown who loves to sleep on her back and snore so loud I can barely hear the TV.  This picture was taken shortly before she left for Texas.

See you in a week Peanut.

February 18, 2009


Here is little Harper from the Prime x Darbi litter, and living in Ketchikan, Alaska.  Looks like she has a sense of humor!  Harper is a lucky puppy in that she gets to go to work with Rod every day.
Her and her sister Meg look a lot alike.

Harper's owners sent me a video of her being exposed to a live duck for the first time.  It's pretty cute.

February 17, 2009

More twinsies

Here is a picture of Miikka taken when she was about a year old.  As mentioned in the last post, I was blown away by how much Nike looks like his mother.  Miikka sure throws herself, as previous posts of her and her daughter Lili side-by-side also show.

Growing like weeds

Here is a picture of Elmingo's Nike Mike from the Shaq x Miikka litter of 2007.  As you can see, he has a big family (especially the Great Dane).
Nike's owner says he lives to retrieve and has been working hard on his yard work this winter.
I must add that he looks like a spitting image of his mother.

And another picture of "Meg" (Elmingo's Prime Suspect) from the Prime x Darbi litter of 2008.  She sure is growing fast!

February 12, 2009


I couldn't stand it anymore.

Air Canada has a seat sale on...I'm going back to Texas in March.

Now let's see if I have the nerve to enter a trial while I'm down there against the "big dogs".

February 9, 2009

Update from Texas

A pic of my favorite ladies from last summer.

I have been getting reports back on "the girls" and it sounds like they are doing great.  Kenny says they are trying hard and doing good work.  The boys on the Horsetooth truck have also learned that sniffing around Darbi's hoo-ha is NOT a good idea, and she "runs the airing yard" according to Kenny.
Miikka even broke in training a couple days ago (on a 350 yard bird!), so it sounds like she is having a blast and Darbi is starting to run some really nice blinds.
I wish they missed me, but it doesn't sound like they do.

February 7, 2009


Meet "Coal"

Elmingo's Coal Black Charmer, from the Prime x Darbi litter.

His owners call him "perfect" and say he is doing fantastic.

Coal's buddy is his big "sister" Coco.

February 5, 2009

February 4, 2009

What I miss

I miss:
Miikka's snoring
Darbi putting a ball gently on my lap and patiently waiting for a toss
Miikka farting while walking up the stairs, every time
Darbi reminding me it's 5:00 feeding time when I'm late
Miikka sleeping on her back
Darbi bouncing up and down at the back door when it's time for a walk
Miikka cuddling on the couch
Darbi's strong, silent routine
Miikka's facial expressions
Darbi being lazy getting off the bed in the morning and dragging her back legs getting off
Miikka carrying a stick...everywhere
Darbi's big ears
Miikka's white belly
Darbi standing on her head when she's happy
Miikka standing on the bed staring at me, waiting to be let under the covers
Darbi's grey muzzle
Miikka thinking every day is a GREAT day
Darbi thinking every day is a peaceful day

I miss my girls.