July 24, 2011

Seven Stages of Grief

The streak is over.

Libby didn't just not finish the Derby this week-end, she did so in spectacular fashion.

First series was a TINY little double.  Not tight, not long, no cover changes...the longest bird wasn't over 70 yards.  Serious.

She pinned the flyer and then went under the arc of the memory bird, and without hesitation, went hyper speed back to the flyer.

As I stood on the line watching this, I went through the Seven Stages of Grief:

1) Shock & Denial: "No way she is going back THERE"
2) Pain & Guilt: "I wonder if it's because I haven't been getting on her for making dumb loops behind a gun.  Maybe it's my fault."
3) Anger & Bargaining: "TWEEEETTTTT.  GET IN HERE!!"
4) Depression & Reflection: "That was depressing."
5) The Upward Turn: "Well, it WAS just a little test and she's been doing bigger stuff".
6) Reconstruction:  "I need to work on her run around in the first series".
7) Acceptance & Hope: "Hey, she's cute anyways and it made me laugh".

And then I was over it.  On to the next trial.  She's just a dog after all, isn't she?

On a happier note, Darbi finished yet another Open with a JAM.  She's finished 3 of the last 4 here in the US and is running great!

She was in fantastic shape going into the last series as one of only 17 of 75 dogs to do the first series (and she did it very well) and she had a great water blind.  The last series was a big Quad, which scared me to death.  She got one bird pretty ugly, but did the test without a handle.  She was so much fun to run, as she has been as of late.

Kenny said to me after "she may not be the most talented dog I've ever seen, but she is certainly one of the smartest I've ever trained".  She used her brains to figure the test out and didn't look too shabby doing it.  I'm thinking I should let Kenny run her soon...but I just don't want to give her up.  We're having WAY too much fun, just the two of us.

July 20, 2011

Go Pedro

I guess dropping his name yesterday on this blog helped!

My racehorse, affectionately known as Pedro, WON tonight.

Yeah Pedro!

Miikka had her ortho consult today.  She's going to get fitted for an orthotic brace and we have a treatment plan in place for her.  The ortho vet thought that with her improvement since the injury, and further physio treatment, she should be back to normal in 8-12 weeks.  It brought tears to my eyes.  He even felt that she may be able to chase a tennis ball, do light hunting and pretty much do anything but field training in the future.

Such a great day today.

July 19, 2011

Flip Your Lid

Look what I found!!

I have a book full of old win pictures from when my Grandparents had their horse racing stable.

As you know, I've named all my dogs after horses raced under the Elmingo Stables banner.

I found a picture of Libby's namesake in the stack of photos.

From the looks of the purse money, Flip Your Lid was running in a bottom claimers race, but a win is a win.

My Grandparents are the couple on the left in the photo.  Sadly my Grandma passed away years ago, but I own a share of a racehorse, Cactus Cut, and Grandpa is his "honorary" owner.  It's been so much fun to share a horse with him and I owe my love of horse racing (and horses) to my Grandparents.

Flip Your Lid actually raced for Rotary Stable, which was a partnership between my Grandpa and a friend of his.

July 18, 2011

Green Team

Tim jokingly called themselves the Green Team...and the name stuck.

Left: Elmingo's Pacific Eider MH *** - owned by John Hatfield (Shaq x Miikka 2007)
Middle: Elmingo's With One Twist*** - owned by Time Duhaime (Shaq x Miikka 2007)
Right: Elmingo's Violence On Request - owned by Rod Neterer (Prime x Darbi 2008)

THREE Elmingo puppies ran the triple Qualifying in Logan Lake, BC a couple weeks ago and they did very well.  All three finished one or more!

What is to be extra proud of...is that all are Amateur owner handled and trained.  We had Matti for a short time 1 1/2 years ago, but Tim has done pretty much all of her work himself.  I "believe" it was Rod's FIRST field trial and he trains by himself in Alaska.  What an accomplishment!!

I'm so proud of my Elmingo babies and it's nice to see that no matter where they are from, or where they go, they are all one big family.

On another note:
Miikka was bred for the second time today to Arson.  We'll ultrasound in 26 or so days.  Keep fingers crossed!

July 16, 2011

Growing Up

Elmingo's Lone Ranger ("Spur" Prize x Darbi 2011) doing some retrieving.

All the pups in the litter are starting to lose their baby teeth and will shortly begin formal training.  It's a big step to move from being a puppy to the beginnings of being a "big dog".

And what does Spur think of this upcoming change in status...


July 12, 2011

Getting closer

Miikka is getting closer to ovulation.  It "looks" like we'll do the first breeding to Arson on Saturday.  We're going to re-check her progesterone on Thursday to be sure.

We're doing a "side by side" Artifical Insemination with this breeding to protect Miikka's leg.

Miikka has been used as a "teaser" for Arson this past week while we collected him so we can ship some of his semen to a breeder in Australia...so she pretty much thinks he's a pervert.

Her leg is MUCH improved, but we still have a ways to go.

Some people have asked me if this injury was genetic, but I've been assured by people way smarter then me that it is not and it was due to wear of tear, much like any athlete can hurt their achilles.

A giant thank you goes out to Dr. Shmon in Saskatoon, who has been an invaluable resource, and to Dr. Burns, who's a reproduction vet by trade,  but he's who I see for everything and he's wonderful.

Miikka has an appointment with an ortho vet next week to carry forward with her treatment, which will include a moderate splint and some physio, which I've already started.

I'll do anything for the Peanut.

July 7, 2011

Me Thirsty

Loki makes it pretty clear to me when we run out of water.

July 5, 2011

Couple of Pics

A couple of pictures of Libby and I from the Double D/Q this week-end.

Here we are on line for the fourth series.  I remember what was going through my mind at the time: "Her ear is bugging me...I'd like to reach down and flip it back".  Seriously.  That's what I was thinking.
OCD anyone?

And she's off!

A fun picture of Libby's litter brother Zink and their daddy Shaq.  Shaq is now retired after an amazing career.

July 3, 2011

7 for 7

Way to go Libby.

She finished 2 more Derbies in Colorado this week-end and is now 7 for 7.  She was great in the water, but loose on land, so she finished with two JAMs.  I'm starting to call her a Walmart Bag as she's taken a new liking to sailing with the wind and hooking guns.  We'll work on that.  There's ALWAYS something to work on.

Libby's brother Zink finished with a third today, giving him 21 Derby points now!!!

Another great week-end for Horsetooth in Canada.  Final tally of the three weekends up there is 10 dogs qualified for the Canadian National, 3 titled dogs (including my very own Darbi!) and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd today.

I'm exhausted.  Long week-end.  Part of the double Derby/ Qualifying was on our property this week-end, so I've worked hard getting the place in tip top shape.  Now for some rest.