November 20, 2013


Having a great time at the National in Cheraw, South Carolina.  I have never been to South Carolina before, so lots to look at and see.

We pre-Nationaled at Sandhill Kennels in Georgia for a week.  This is Al Arthur's kennel and it is quite gorgeous there.  Lots of work was done, yet lots of fun was to be had during the week of pre-National.

Handlers at the National waiting to be invited to the line for series 4/5 yesterday.

Luckiest Man Alive having a look at the line.  He is running a young dog we train named Riot.

November 7, 2013

Number 14.

I have a new puppy.  Are you surprised?

Actually…this is not even my puppy.  I am raising him for a client.

This is the 14th puppy I've raised in almost 4 years.  4 puppies a year on average.  Yikes.   I'm becoming a bit of an expert I think.

"Doc" is adorable.  He is an FC AFC x FC AFC breeding and we are all very excited about him.

From the looks of the picture…he has things pretty figured out around here.