July 31, 2009

Busy week ahead

A picture of Turner Valley, Alberta. A beautiful place to live.

I'm back from Colorado...without the girls. I already miss them, but they'll be coming home in only 3 weeks to run the last Alberta trials of the year.

I am expecting Miikka to come into season in only a month or so and it is confirmed that I am going to breed her to FC AFC Wood River's Franchise...a repeat of the 2007 litter I had. I am very excited and plan on keeping a puppy for myself. The pups from the first litter are doing fantastic.

I am moving next week to a house I purchased in Turner Valley, AB. I am SOOO excited. I met with the landscaper this morning and the back yard is going to be re-done with the dogs in mind so they can have their own "airing yard".

It's a new house (only 2 years old), so not much to do to get it up to par.

July 27, 2009

Turq & Week-end

Another fun week-end at the Colorado Women's Retriever club trial in Walden, CO.

Poor Darbi had to stay behind due to being in season. I missed her.

Kenny WON the Open with "Arson", a very cool young dog owned by the nicest people on the planet, Brad & Diane Clow.

Miikka went out in the first series of the Open and after the water blind of the Amateur. She is really starting to put it all together and was running the best she has all year. Still some work to do with her, but she has come a LONG ways since January. I was SOOO proud of her.

Turq is doing fantastic. He is off the table and finishing up his force work on the ground now. Kenny really, really likes him and says he hasn't made a wrong move yet.

Here are some pics of him doing yard work this past week. He will start force to pile and 3 handed casting in the next week or so.

July 22, 2009

Still here

Went to a trial this past week-end in Granby, Colorado. It was great fun.

I lost Miikka and Darbi both on the first series of the Amateur. They both had a difficult time passing the backside of the flyer station to the VERY long retired.

Darbi SMACKED the first series of the Open. A huge Quad with an out of order flyer. I was SO proud of her. Only 30 dogs of 90ish got called back to the second series.

In the second series, she was running a real pretty land blind and at the very end, Kenny needed one more whistle to put her on the bird and when he casted her, she couldn't see him as he was backlit. He was casting and casting and she just sat on the hillside. I felt bad for her as she tried so hard, but thems the breaks and I'm so proud of her efforts.

Darbi came into season the very next day, so it was all for the best anyhow. She won't be running any more trials until she is out of season. Miikka is entered in the Open and the Amateur this upcoming week-end, so fingers crossed.

Here is a pic of an Elk we saw on the drive to the trial. The road is the "highest continually paved road in the US" and it was WAY up there in the mountains. Notice the snow. We must have seen over 200 elk.

Here is Dave Winters running FC AFC Perpetual Dizzy Daisy. She also came into season this week.

Darbi and I running a marking test.

Miikka's favorite spot in Kenny's house. Laying on the bench and watching the world go by out the window.

July 14, 2009

Back In Colorado

I arrived back in Colorado at 1am this morning.

LONG drive.

For those who care, the "shortcut" to Great Falls is indeed a very, very longcut.

Hot down here, in the high 20's at least. Girls were happy to be back and jumped right into the routine again without batting an eye.

My friend Lois from Alberta also came down for some training.

Here is her and her dog Indy.

Kenny running Darbi's baby-daddy Prime. He looks great as ever.

We ran a triple as 3 singles and then a BIG water blind. I was very pleased with how the girls did all day. I'll take pics of my crew tomorrow or delegate it out to someone.

Turq is almost done his force fetch and he is doing fantastic. He has a great attitude. We ran him on both land and water marks today and he looks good. He is more of a wild man then what I'm used to, but he makes me laugh, and I love that more than anything.

July 10, 2009

Blog Lazy

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. It's been busy around here.

Not much for news either.

Turq is doing fantastic in Colorado and is flying through force fetch with his tail wagging according to Kenny.

The girls and I are heading down there on Monday to run a few trials and get in some great training time.

I can't wait!! I'll have lots to blog about there I'm sure.