March 27, 2013


The Bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas.

They are native to the area, but their abundance in Texas is also a result of Lydon Johnson's wife, through her work with the National Wildflower the Lady Bird Johnson Wildlife Center.

They are everywhere and amazingly beautiful at this time of the year.  You see them in fields and alongside most roadways in the ditches.

Libby poses in the field right behind where our trailer is...along with my next door neighbour.

March 16, 2013

She's here!!!

My new puppy was born last week.

I've been waiting and waiting for this breeding.

This little pup will be all mine!!

The sire is FC Fresh Squeezed Juice and the dam is Elmingo's Prime Suspect (Prime x Darbi 2008), a very nice dog I won an Open with in Canada last year.

My very own Darbi granddaughter!!

"Meg" had three puppies, and only one girl, but thankfully I had the spot as "pick" female.  Will be an easy pick for sure.

Here she is...laying on top of her two brothers!

I think I'm going to name her Tealgrove's Hat Trick.  "Gordy" was going to be Hat Trick, but his new owner decided to go with another hockey themed name instead...Elmingo's Controlled Power Play.

Since there are three pups in this litter as well...the same as Gordy's litter...Hat Trick is a fitting name.

Introducing "Hattie".

March 14, 2013

High Fashion

Libby showing off my stylish new HOT PINK collar strap.

March 7, 2013

1000 stories

Oh the stories these feet could tell. Every grey hair is a chapter in Darbi's book of life.

Some of the pages are old and faded and some chapters are short, while others long, too long.

Like the first Derby she ever ran where I handled to the go bird in the first series. That page is still eared in her book. It seems like yesterday.

Other grey hairs speak of training woes and mistakes. I didn't know much of anything the first years and she sprouted a few of those hairs, I'm sure, from my many mistakes. She was so patient with me.
Her feet are gnarled and old. She's run many miles, and all because she loves me.
Darbi is limping again. Another injection into her poor, old feet maybe? But the end of trials is near for her....those old feet have almost done enough.

March 3, 2013


The week-end is over...thank goodness.

I organized a seminar for Avery Sporting Dog put on by two fabulous guys...Danny Farmer and Kenny Trott (Luckiest Man Alive).

It was a fun time and I think everyone learned and came away with something.

When the cat herding was over (Danny and Kenny being the cats) and a date was put in place, it was pretty straightforward to manage.  Avery is a great organization and they are very supportive of our dog sports.

We hope to have another one next year, but on a better date that isn't competing with two Texas Field Trials and a local hunt test.

It must have been intimidating to run under the watchful eyes of Danny and Kenny.  Both are great teachers though and put everyone at ease.  We had 12 handlers and a number of spectators.  I was the one who volunteered to get the bird rack and got you can see.

There was a morning review the first day of Danny and Kenny's basics programs.  Very helpful to most people I'm sure.  The guys had demo dogs at the actual level of the topic for parts of it.

Basics are everything...this is the NUMBER ONE thing I've learned in the past few years.  Basics doesn't just teach go, stop and come.  It teaches guts.  It teaches try.  It teaches a dog to be a team player.  It trains a dog HOW to be trainable.

A dog will never meet it's full potential with bad basics.

All the review and re-review of Basics doesn't overcome basics that were not done right the first time around.  It is hard to break bad habits, and sometimes impossible.

You have an issue with your dog?  Where is the hole in Basics?  It is truly that simple most of the time.

Basics are everything.

I dare anyone to argue with me on that one...I'd send you to Danny and Kenny for a follow up discussion.

March 2, 2013


We got a new travel trailer.

Yes, we're trailer trash in Texas.  Since it's our home away from home for many weeks of the year we decided we needed an upgrade to something nicer (BIGGER) than what we had.

Darbi likes the fireplace the best.