February 9, 2009

Update from Texas

A pic of my favorite ladies from last summer.

I have been getting reports back on "the girls" and it sounds like they are doing great.  Kenny says they are trying hard and doing good work.  The boys on the Horsetooth truck have also learned that sniffing around Darbi's hoo-ha is NOT a good idea, and she "runs the airing yard" according to Kenny.
Miikka even broke in training a couple days ago (on a 350 yard bird!), so it sounds like she is having a blast and Darbi is starting to run some really nice blinds.
I wish they missed me, but it doesn't sound like they do.


Kim said...

Oh Marcy, I am sure they miss you... but like dogs, they are living in the moment.

Sharon said...

Beautiful picture! Did you take this? Sounds like the girls are doing great and they haven't forgot mom I know.

Marcy said...

I did take this pic down at Davis'. It was a fun afternoon.
The girls are doing great. Kenny is bringing the best out of them.