June 10, 2012

Atta boy Turq!

Darbi's son Turq (Backwater Smokin Turq - Prime x Darbi 2008) WON the Open yesterday at the Cheyenne trial.

This qualified him for the US National as he already had a second place from a couple weeks ago.

Turq is only 3 years old, and was a Canadian National Finalist last year at 2 years old.

Way to go Turq!!

And Boomer got a third place behind Turq, and needs only one more point to qualify for the National himself.  He'll get it...no sweat.

A great day.

Darbi didn't get off the point on the big water blind in the Open...I'm not so mad at her anymore.  She has two kids with US Open wins this year by two different sires.  Good going Momma D.

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