January 20, 2009


Where do I begin?

I dropped off the dogs at the Northwest Cargo terminal at 5 am and then left to go catch my flight.  I was on a different airline than them for an entirely different long, frustrating story.

I had a message on my phone when I arrived in Houston, that the baggage guys "forgot" to put the dogs on their flight and that they were still in Calgary.  After a 5 second meltdown, I called back as I realized freaking out and getting mad wasn't going to help the girls.

Long story short, they are right now at a boarding kennel in Calgary and will be on the first flight out of Calgary in the morning to Houston.  

THANKFULLY I called the boarding kennel to talk to them about the dogs and the owner knows mutual friends, so that gives me piece of mind.  She also said the girls were happy and seemed no worse for wear after spending 10 hours in a cargo centre.

Please keep fingers crossed for the girls tomorrow and hopefully I will have better news on the blog tomorrow night.

I'm going dog training without any dogs in the morning and then driving 1 1/2 hours back to the Houston airport.  I won't settle until I can see the girls with my own eyes.

I have many friends on stand-by for tomorrow am if things don't go well.

What a day.


Sarah said...

OMG marcy, my fingers are crossed all goes well, i'm drinking a glass of wine for you tonight, you should do the same if you haven't already.

that sucks that they had to be on a different flight, i guess there is really no way to see if they got on, i 'm glad they are safe and sound tonight :)


manymuddypaws said...

oh marcy- that is awful!!!

i am glad that everything worked out okay though!

Blazingstar said...

Yikes! Glad they are safely in Texas with you now!