March 5, 2009

Texas Day Two

It was HOT today.  I burned several body parts (my neck mostly), but it was worth it.

The PRTA trial starts tomorrow and even though I'm not entered (I'm a chicken and the girls aren't quite ready to run a 126 dog Open and 95 dog Amateur), I will be there to watch some of the best dogs in the country.  Can't wait.

This is my favorite picture from today.  Although I wish I had the dog centered is a neat action shot.  This is "Arson" (Catalina's Controlled Burn, I think), owned by Brad and Diane Clow.

Kenny ran Darbi today-lining up for the memory bird.

Here is Kathy Berdan and FC AFC Mizpah Miz, she WON the Amateur last week-end.

And Martha McCool and Maple Ridge Sooner Boomer-who were 4th in the Amateur last week-end!!  Way to go!

A pic of 2 of the 4 marks on this test.  Look for the long gun way off in the distance below the buildings.  This picture does not give justice to how far away it was.  Both my girls broke down early and hunted short...showing they don't have enough experience with marks of this sort.  They'll see lots more in the weeks to come.
The shorter mark on the left is a bird thrown onto the island...the dogs were having a very hard time with this.  Miikka worked it out nicely after some hunting on the near and far shore...Darbi ran all over the countryside, but she was certainly not alone.

Sorry Miikka, still no pics of you.
I ran her today and it is kind of hard to run a dog while taking pictures.  I promise she'll get her mug on here next week.

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