March 2, 2009

New QAA!!!

CONGRATS to Adey (Elmingo's Chasing A Whim owned and handled by Roger Fangsrud) for finishing 2nd in a Qualifying in Oregon this past week-end!!
This makes Adey Qualified All-Age, the second pup from this litter to do so!  These are the only two pups in trial homes, so I am thrilled with the results.
Adey is from the Tiger x Darbi litter of 2006.
Due to a last minute buyer back out, I kept Adey until she was 4 months old and sold her to a great guy, Andrew.  Andrew sent Adey to Colin McNicol for Basics training, and due to unfortunate life circumstances, Andrew could no longer keep Adey and gave her back to me to sell her to a great home.
I kept Adey for a couple months and sold her to Roger and Donna, indeed a fantastic home!  She is a very active pheasant dog when she is not trialing.

Here is a pic of Adey and I when she was a little gaffer.
Hope you like my hat, I think it's sexy.

Here is a pic of Adey at the Rocky Mountain Sporting Dog Club trial, where her and I won the Junior (Derby) together just before I sold her.

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