June 2, 2010

We'll miss you Fanny

This is devastating.

"Fanny" passed away last week.

She was only 5 months old (Libby's littermate) and there are many pictures of her on my blog recently.

I got permission from her owner to post her story and it is my wish that everyone can learn from what happened to Fanny.

Fanny went into distress immediately after swimming in a pond in Ontario and died shortly thereafter at the vet clinic.

In her owner's words:
"When Fanny went into stress I took her to my vet less than 10 minutes away.  The three vets on duty dropped every thing and tried to save her; they x-rayed her, gave her an ekg, went on line to an expert, but there was no saving her. She died once and they revived her but warned against doing it again as there would be brain damage for sure.  She was breathing very shallow and being aided with oxygen when it became apparent that she wasn't going to recover I let them euthanize her.  She died in my arms. I brought her home and buried her in my wood lot with my other dogs that have passed over the years.
She was a wonderful pup and I had high hopes for her.  I think there will always be an empty spot in my heart now that she is gone."

It is our belief that Fanny died from Blue Green Algae poisoning.  Blue Green algae is a very poisonous toxin that grows in some water in hot and dry conditions.  I had heard of it, but never knew a dog that died from this personally.  It is early in the year for Blue Green Algae, but Ontario had experienced some soaring temperatures just prior to Fanny's death.

Another puppy died shortly after swimming in the same pond a week before Fanny did and the vets are now guessing it was Blue Green Algae that killed them.

An autopsy is being done on the first pup and Environment Canada is doing water testing on the pond the puppies were in.

Please, if you have never heard of Blue Green Algae, look it up and educate yourself.  There is lots of information on the internet.

Little Fanny has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but we will never forget her.

My heart breaks for her owner and everyone that loved her.  My heart just breaks.

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