June 23, 2010

Sick of her yet?

Anyone sick of Libby yet?
I'm not.

People who have yet to meet her ask if her previous leg fracture slows her down at all.

Let this picture be the answer.

Libby was mad that she was done after only 4 marks, so she ran around with her little lead in her mouth afterwards.

Kenny is the little dot to the left of his dog truck.  This is where I was throwing the puppy marks from and he ran the 5 puppies we have right now.  I wanted to throw so I could take a couple pictures of the cuteness that is Libby.

Another picture of the ranch near my house.  It is sure beautiful country here at home!


Lindsay said...

That is one happy dog! I'm very jealous of the fields you have to work in.

Sharon said...

She is very cute.