February 1, 2011

Smarty Pants

While shopping for puppy toys the other day I found this Martha Stewart "chicken coop".  As noted it is an intelligence building toy.  Although I found it laughable (as my dogs are already the smartest dogs in the world), I had to buy it.

There are 3 squeaky chickens inside the chicken coop and Miikka had to go find them.
"I don't get it" was the first response to my ridiculous "find the chicken" question.

Eating the chicken coop was the first action.  Not a good choice.

Oh, there's a little hole in the side?  Perfect.  I'll go digging.

The birth of a chicken.  Way to go Peanut.  Your are officially smarter than you were 5 minutes ago according to the claims on the box.

Darbi vs. the Chicken Coop.
"This is stupid and beneath me.  I refuse".

I'm already stockpiling toys for the upcoming litter.  Miikka is the official product tester in this house.

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