April 25, 2010

Totally bummed

I'm back in Colorado and totally bummed.

You see, I dropped my new Macbook Pro a couple weeks ago and broke the screen.  No big deal.  I took it to the Apple store in Houston and had it shipped off to the Apple hospital.  I arrived in Colorado to find it waiting for me.  Well, it seems the folks at the Apple hospital decided to re-load the Operating System!!
I have lost everything from when I got my new computer to now.  ALL the pictures of Miikka's litter, etc. etc.
I still have my old Macbook, that has pictures and data on it from before this year, but I'm still really bummed.
Thank goodness for this blog, as I post a lot of my favorite pictures on here.

On a dog note...congrats to Turq, who finished his FIRST Derby with a JAM this week-end in Kansas.  What was so fun about it was that Turq's new owner ran him, and they only met one another for the first time a few days prior to the trial.

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