December 21, 2013

Seminars with Luckiest Man Alive

Luckiest Man Alive (AKA Kenny) has THREE seminars booked for 2014.  He looked at me a little sideways when I told him that, but he's a trooper and they are all for good causes.

Feb 1&2: FREE (FREE!!!!) Avery Seminar with Danny Farmer and Kenny Trott
Location: Anderson, Texas
A couple of handler spots left and unlimited spectators.

July 4/5/6: Kenny Trott seminar for the Manitoba Gun Dog Association
Location: Balmoral, Manitoba

July 11/12/13: Pat Burns and Kenny Trott Seminar for the Centennial Retriever Club
Location: Wellington, Colorado

Send me an email if you want info on any of these.  They should be great learning experiences and great fun.

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