December 18, 2013

I must be crazy

I think I'm crazy.

As if I didn't have enough to do, I recently became voted in as Secretary/Treasurer of the PRTA at the annual meeting at the National.

The PRTA is the Professional Retriever Trainers Association and we promote ethical standards and conduct for professional dog trainers, have a voice in the world of Field Trials and Hunt Tests and award annual land grants.

Before I took on this position, I have been organizing the monthly Ask The Pro column in the Retriever News and doing the PRTA website.  The Ask The Pro work has been daunting and I think I will have to delegate it off in the next year or so before I get burned out.  The PRTA website is nothing fancy, as I have no web development training, but it is better than what they had (hint: nothing).

And now add Secretary/Treasurer to the duties.

As much as I moan, I actually enjoy the work.  I re-did the PRTA homepage, did a TON of work in Quickbooks and went through a stack of PRTA mail this morning…all before I force fetched my first dog at 8am.  Thankfully Kenny does the morning chores in Texas so I can do some of this extra work.

The moral of the story is: check out the PRTA website. 

The membership list is a list of pros that are not just paid members, but fellow professional trainers that were accepted into the Association based on a vote of acceptance from their peers.  These guys and gals are the best of the best.  They put on 5-8 Field Trials a year, give away all their money to Field Trial clubs, the NRC/NARC and Retriever Hall Of Fame and try to influence the direction of Field Trials in a positive way.

A great Association that is under recognized in the sport of Field Trials.

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