May 23, 2011

Water Puppy

Little Asia (Elmingo's Shanghai Surprise, Prize x Darbi 2011) is having a blast in the water.

The weather has warmed up enough in Canada for her to show off her little water wings.

The Rocky Mountain trial ended up being a very fun one for me.  Darbi, as I mentioned in the last blog, finished with a third in the Open.
And Libby finished the derby with a JAM.  She hadn't been trained hardly at all since her spay and was a bit wild, but I'm still proud of her for finishing her third derby in a row.

A few things to work on this coming week including Darbi's newfound CREEPING habit that she has developed.  Man alive, she must have been out 15 feet in front of me by the time the flyer was shot in the last series.  I almost fell over and admittedly laughed out loud.

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