May 2, 2011

Nebraska Musings

I had a great time in Lincoln, Nebraska!!

I ran 4 dogs in the Open and got a second place with Arson!!!  Thanks to Brad & Diane for giving me the privilege of running this great dog.  Two Open seconds and an Amateur WIN in two week-ends with three different handlers is pretty cool.

Click on the picture above for a bigger view of the last series.  There was 13 dogs invited to the last series and only two did it without handling, double handling or picking up.  Of course, one of those two was Arson!
The pic is not a view from the line...the line was quite a bit to the right and about 40 yards up from the first channel of water.  The long right hand bird (about 375 yrds) was shot first and it was visible under the arc of the flyer.  Both long birds retired.  Getting dogs to look tight past a flyer station and across a huge piece of water was very difficult for some handlers.  The left hand bird (about 275) was shot second and the short flyer on the point was shot third.  Dogs were handling and picking up on both long birds.
Of course, the white van was NOT there during the test.  :-)

The Derby was also fun.  I started 3 dogs and got a 4th place with my very own Miss. LIBBY and a JAM with Goose.  That's two starts and two placements for the Wibbster.

I learned a lot, made some mistakes and had great fun.

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