September 5, 2013

The Great Toe Debate

I just picked Libby up from the vet...WITH her toe still attached.

She was supposed to have the toe removed today but my vet, Dr. Wonderful, called me to say he was apprehensive and he'd like to reschedule.  You see, this is what I love about my vet.  He is anxious to do a great job because he knows Libby is an athlete and a return to full work is the goal.  He has consulted multiple orthopedic vets and came to the conclusion that he would like one of them there for the surgery.

We are rescheduled for Tuesday when Dr. Wonderful will do the toe removal, along with an orthopedic colleague.

Luckiest Man Alive says he doesn't know what all the fuss is about and he could remove the toe himself no problem with some kitchen utensils, but I doubt his method would have much finesse.

I imagine the rest of the year is a wash for Libby, however she may be back for a couple of trials in October.  I told Dr. Wonderful that I'll do whatever it takes to have her for next year and all the years after that.  The rest of this year just doesn't matter in the big picture.

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