June 18, 2013

Blue x 2

We are up in Canada.


I love it when we come "home".  I do not dislike the USA by any means...but I am a very proud Canadian.

We ran the trial in Lethbridge, Alberta this past week-end.  I used to live in Lethbridge and the Rocky Mountain Sporting Dog Club was my home club for a lot of years.

I always enjoy coming up to see old friends, help out at my old club and just have a good time.

Elmingo's With One Twist (Mattie) WINS the Qualifying and Elmingos Controlled Power Play (Gordy) WINS the Derby.  Pretty good week-end for Miikka kids.  Above is a pic of Mattie, her owner/handler/trainer Tim and myself.  Mattie is a gorgeous dog and has Miikka's fabulous personality.

I judged the Amateur at the trial and Luckiest Man Alive judged the Qualifying.  Pros can judge in Canada...something we can't do in the US.  I find judging fun, but stressful.  I always root for the dogs and hate to see someone go out in the last series when they've have a great trial, or pick up on the water blind when they had the best work coming in.  Firstly I know how it feels...it sucks, and secondly, like I say, I am always cheering for the dogs to do well.

It's a hard game...and I'm a bit of a softie, so I hate to be the one responsible for someone's bad week-end or day.  But it is what it is.  This is why when I have a bad day, like I did on Sunday running dogs, I keep a good attitude.  It's not the judge's fault...it's not the test's fault...it's not anyone's fault...even if I made an error, or the dog makes a mistake.  But I do find it nice to be on the other side of the line once in a while to remind me what it is like to be in a judge's shoes.  No matter if I think their test is great or horse-poopy, I will always thank them for their time and have a smile on my face.  It's not an easy job...and it's usually thankless except for the one very happy person at the end of the day.

Thank you to everyone that judges.

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