May 4, 2013

Family Day

My new puppy has arrived!!!

Her name is Tealgrove's Hat Trick..."Hattie".  She is an 8 week old bundle of cuteness.

Here is Grandma Darbi hanging out with Hattie at training today.

Darbi  is enjoying her retirement much more than I expected.  She seems to get that she is done the hard training and is happy to be done.  It surprised me a little bit, but I am so relieved that she is content.  I didn't think she'd let go very easily, but I am thrilled to be wrong.

But of course she doesn't want to be too far from the action yet.  She is shown here supervising me running Boomer on a test.

Three generations!!

Meg, in the collar, is the working stiff in the family now.  You wouldn't know looking at her that she had puppies just 8 short weeks ago.  She is definitely happy to be back at it.  She is a great mom.

Darbi still has a camera aversion, but thankfully the daughter and granddaughter are more happy to pose.

And another Darbi daughter, Asia, (Elmingo's Shanghai Surprise - Prize x Darbi 20011) has come for a visit.  She looks a lot like her mom and is a very intense and intelligent retriever.

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