April 17, 2013

Getting closer...

We're getting close to the arrival of my new puppy Hattie!  I can't wait.  Isn't she a doll??

We had a great week-end at the Brazosport trial.  My Libby got a JAM in the Open!!  She's starting to figure it all out and put it together.  She's still a baby and was the youngest dog in the fourth series.  Very proud of her!  A dog's three year old year is a big transition year.  They are too experienced and far along for the Qualifying, but learning the ropes in the Open.  It's a tough year for most dogs.  Time, patience and hundreds of marks and blinds will get her through it.

And the most fun of all was that I placed SECOND in the Open with one of my favorite dogs that is not mine...Boomer!!!  This second place finish gave Boomer his FC, so he is now FC CFC Backwater's Boomer.  It was such a thrill to run a near perfect field trial in an 80+ dog trial.  Boomer was amazing and it was a true honor to stand beside him.

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