January 25, 2013

Big swims and tired puppies

Gordy is growing up!  He's from the Arson x Miikka breeding of 2011 and he will be breaking out in the derby in the near future.  He looks just like his dad Arson and has his mom's sense of humor.  We are excited about him.

Darbi coming back with the bird after two VERY big swims today.

Her leg is doing GREAT so far.  I almost can't believe it.  

We've run a few big land tests with her since she had her foot injected and I cringe every morning expecting to see her limping (she's off her Rimadyl) and there has been no limp.

It's remarkable.

Fingers crossed that it keeps up.

The fun today was almost too much for Rip.  He had to crawl into the 4 wheeler for a nap near the end of the day.  I think he's found his new favorite spot.

The weather has been great in Texas and we're having a great time with our crew of dogs.

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