July 13, 2012

Canada again!

I'm back in Canada again.

If it seems like I was just here...I was.

I'm helping out at the Canadian National Amateur Retriever Championships in Red Deer, Alberta.

I volunteered a couple of years ago and I'm a woman of my word.

I'm running "set-up" with Darbi and Libby and using Meg as test dog for the first few series.

Since I can't run the Amateur anymore, it is a good fit and the perfect way to give back to all my wonderful friends in Canadian Field Trials.

While I obviously can't say a word about the tests, I think it will be a fun week for contestants!

If you want to follow the National Am, which starts Monday, you can do so at www.nrcc-canada.com

Good luck to everyone competing!!

I don't think you'll hear much more from me until I get home next week.

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