October 10, 2011

Home again!

Back home from Kansas.

We're tired.

Darbi ran a great Open and was dropped after the water blind.  I thought it might be good enough, but alas, it wasn't.  They went into the water blind with 30+ dogs, so we all knew some would be pencilled.  Darbi is never going to run a 3 whistle water blind...that's just not who she is.  She runs workman (or lady) like water blinds.

Libby had her marking shoes on...mostly.  The last series was a tight, tight land double and I saw dogs hunt the old fall and switch, and do everything in between, and knew I might be in trouble.  Libby went a little deep of the go bird and looked over and saw the memory bird gunner almost right beside her...she made a couple jumps towards him and I was quick to hit the whistle. As I've mentioned before, I'm a big believer that no green ribbon is worth letting them get away with bad things, especially at her age.  Miss Libby has a bright future ahead of her if I keep her on the straight and narrow.

Can't complain...ran a very hard trying Darbi to the third series of the Open and a fantastic marking Libby to the fourth series of the Derby.

Puppies are big and happy.  Pics to come soon!!!  And a video or two!

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