December 12, 2008


It's getting bitterly cold here and the snowstorm has officially reared it's head.  High winds and freezing temperatures means the puppies will be playing indoors this week-end.

Pups start leaving for their new homes on Monday and in the days following.  I have fretted about which pup should go where and I've confirmed placements.  I try very hard to match the pup to the home, but it was a very hard task this litter as they are all so alike!

I am working all week-end, and it should be busy with the highways in such poor condition.  Be warm, don't drive if you don't have to and play safe!

I really couldn't manage without my dog sitter Claudia!  She is amazing and looks after my dogs and the puppies as if they were her own.  THANKS Claudia!


Sharon said...

Do you have to fly any of them? This weather would certainly put the kybosh to that! We even put the horses in the barn last night. Silly boys though, they were very happy to go out this morning. Too cold to sort today.

Hope the babies get to their new homes OK.

Marcy said...

One is flying to Toronto with her new owner in the cabin and one is flying to Alaska, but after the New Year.
The others I am driving to meet the owners half way.

I am freezing to death here in High River. Long undies are my new friend. Everyone is behaving on the highways so far though.